Best 3 Wheel Geared Bikes For Adults

All You Need to Know About 3 Wheel Bikes

3-wheel bikes, also known as adult trikes or adult tricycle are bikes that symbolise the cycle of life. While you were a toddler, you had to learn how to ride a tricycle. You then progressed to two wheels where you traversed all terrains. Now, it looks like you are back to where you started. These units are complacent, and they will offer you more options than riding a bicycle.

The popularity of these bikes have continued to swell, so do users ? This is mostly because of the sleek design and technology used to manufacture them. The design is unique and encompasses all latest features that offer riders with the comfort they desire.

These units are common, but a few know more about them. There are three types of 3 wheel bikes.

  • Delta: This is the universal model, also known as traditional tricycle. It features a frontal wheel situated in a central position and two wheels at the back. The two wheels at the back make these units balanced and strong. Besides, they are suitable to carry different goods.
  • Sidecar: Think about police motorbikes that feature a sidecar – this is exactly how this type of tricycles looks like. They have a front-wheel- back wheel alignment. The third wheel is located to the sitting area or to the side to brace the load.
  • Tadpole: This one has two wheels at the front and one at the back. The handlebars are right behind the frontal wheels. Perhaps to bring you into the limelight, these type of bikes are most common with ice cream guys/vendors.

Why Should Invest in a 3 Wheel Bike

Riding a 3 wheel bike will work your hands, legs, muscles, and even your brain. You don?t have to sweat out to stay active to see your grandsons and daughters. By cycling, you will prevent osteoporosis and strengthen your bones. Nonetheless, you need to grab this bike because of the following.

  • Stability- You don?t need to maintain a minimum forward movement to balance it. The tripod of three wheels makes it stable thus it cannot overturn easily. If you are riding a tricycle and you decide to stop you simply stop pedalling and hit the brakes. You also don?t need to balance the bike when at a standstill.
  • Prevents Injury- Grown-ups are prone to injuries. Tricycles prevent injury from their stylish design. They have decent grips and appropriate handlebars situated at the required height. This prevents you from straining your hands for long rides. Handlers which are not well-positioned can cause back pains due to straining. They can cause pain in your arms too.

The saddle is designed and well-positioned to offer comfort and back support. Climbing and coming off the bikes is easy. You won?t strain your pelvic joints and your legs.

  • Helps Stay Fit and Active- Riding a 3 wheel bike will help you meet physical fitness requirements. Still, as you age, you might find it a challenge to carry some luggage. Or maybe is because of your physical condition, these trikes come with large baskets that can carry small, medium, or even huge luggage. You get to enjoy your picnic without worrying about where to carry your lunch.
  • Environment-Friendly– No doubt, cycling causes no harm to the environment. The opposite is different when using a gas car. Aside from becoming a healthier citizen, you save money if you would have been using a car. You can also maneuver in areas where you can?t access with a car.
  • Maintains your Health– Research has it that biking is healthy. According to various researches, 3 wheel bikes are healthy as they are equal to aerobic exercising. This has a positive effect on the body by increasing your heart rate and pumping oxygenated blood to the entire body. Not only that, the study further states aerobics (in this context we are talking about cycling) helps in controlling blood sugar, which helps to lower the risk of type II diabetes. Apart from that, it also:
  • Boost cognitive function thus lowering the risk of Alzheimer and dementia
  • Fights chronic age-related inflammation
  • Improves the immune system
  • Boost metabolism and lowers the risk of developing colon cancer
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Boost sleep which is required for mental wellness.
  • Lowers high blood pressure and related heart diseases.
  • Enhance stamina
  • Controls your weight

Safe, Stable and Carries Cargo

Your comfort matters a lot and so is your balance; thus why you need a 3 wheel bike. Talk of terrains, tricycles are stable making them confident to attempt any slope. You can use it for shopping, recreation, and even for commuting.

Going for shopping or carrying goods has been made easier with this kit. They have normal space than normal bikes. They have big baskets that can accommodate lots of stuff.

At this point, it can be challenging to choose a tricycle that meets your requirements. Consider the following models as they are now on the market. They feature hand-picked components than most of the already existing bikes. Consider the following bikes.

Best Folding Adult Tricycle

Yonntech 24″ 6 Speeds Gears 3 Wheel Bicycle for Adults Adult Tricycle Comfort Bike Outdoor Sports City Urban Bicycle Basket Included

The sleek design of this bike makes it comfortable hence the hype it has on the market. The components of this kit are hand-picked to meet the user?s needs. If you spend money on Yonntech 24″ 6 Speeds Gears 3, you would be paying for features that you probably deserve. It comes with exactly what you want as it is economical and environmentally friendly. Below are the features of this lovely kit.

  • Leather Seat and Cushion- Well designed from high-quality material to protect and support your waist. The seat itself is adjustable so you can modify it according to your specifications.
  • Large Capacity Removable basket- Excuse your hands and use your basket more stuff but not like this removable basket. Enjoy your ride as you visit friends, relatives, picnic, and stock it with gifts or even carry your pet.
  • 6 Speed 3 Wheel 24 Inch Bike- Designed using strong aluminium alloy frame and bears capacity of up to 300 pounds. It bears a fish scale tech which is strong and durable.
  • Starting Lights- It features front and rear-wheel starting lights making it a perfect ride when dark. Still, each side of the wheel is welded with an anti-collision rod, which assures safety of the rider.


  • Brakes are sensitive and light feeling
  • Perfect kit for the elderly to exercise
  • Wheels are welded with anti-collision rods for maximum safety


  • Available in 2 colours only (white and black)
  • You need to assemble by yourself
  • Takes long to assemble

Best Adult Tricycle for Outdoor Picnics

OU BEST CHOOSE 24″ 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle with Lamp 6 Speed Bicycle, Shopping Basket Trike Tricycle Pedal Cycling Bike, for Shopping Outdoor Picnic Sports

Consider this kit if you have been thinking of getting a perfect ride to exercise. Convenient for sport and shopping, spending your money on this bike is getting what you have been missing. Equipped with all features that meet the needs of elder riders – this bike is a game-changer. Since its release, it has continued to soar in popularity. It has the following unique features.

  • Front brake aluminium alloy v brake brakes that reduce speed at any point.
  • Wheel tires have 24*175 small lines which reduce resistance hence a smooth ride.
  • 6 Speed Grip Gear to enhance velocity
  • O-type anti-collision beam mud Board Bracket which solidifies the structure of the body.


  • The wheels come with reflector providing the rider with security even during evening rides
  • Convenient for shopping and sport
  • Available in different colours
  • Available for both men and women


  • You need to install the unit by yourself
  • It?s a bit heavy given it?s for elder riders

Best City Urban Tricycle for Adults

Scout Adults tricycle, alloy frame, folding, 6 gears, front suspension, folding trike

Scout Adults tricycle is a cool stylish design bike manufactured with users specifications in mind. It is a perfect choice for cycling enthusiasts looking for unmatched comfort. No doubt, this kit is a real head-turner. Equipped with all necessary accessories like adjustable seat and 6 speed Shimano gears, you will surely get what you pay for. Check out the main features of this kit below:

  • Folding Alloy Frame- The stylish frame is light in weight, making movement easy for urban environments. It also has a quick-release folding mechanism.
  • Lightweight wheels- The wheels are only 24 inches making the super light. The tires are anti-slip resistant, making the Scout Adults tricycle suitable for all weather conditions.
  • 6 Speed Shimano Gears- Accelerate to your preferred speed depending on the distance you intend to ride. Customised front alloy V type brakes, rear disc brake, designed for trikes. It also features front and back brakes.


  • Ideal for both genders
  • Height adjustable seat and handlebars which can accommodate most heights
  • Light in weight


  • Cannot carry riders who weigh more than 25 stone
  • You need to assemble by yourself