Best Easiest Bikes For Wheelies

What is the Wheelie Hype all about?

A wheelie is defined as a stunt where the front wheel or wheels of a bicycle are raised off the ground and kept balancing in the air while riding.

Being able to pop a decent wheelie has become almost a necessity for many bike enthusiasts, artistic cyclists and freestylers. These days you can teach yourself how to do a wheelie through watching YouTube videos, learning with an expert or hang out at your nearest skate park or ramp and have some do-it-yourself sessions. Some people have elevated wheelies into an art form, with one stunt rider in the U.K performing the longest bicycle wheelie ever; he balanced on his bike for eight miles.

Wheelies are a staple for bicycle stunt riders there are various types pf wheelie stunts that can be performed such as power wheelies, bounce or slap wheelies and manuals. The most popular bikes to perform stunts on are the BMX bikes.

Choosing the right BMX Bike

Ever since their debut in the late sixties, BMX bikes have been designed for racing. Their frames and components are lighter, ?stronger and come in colour schemes that can be customised to suit your individual taste and style.

When figuring out the right model for yourself, ask the following questions. Do you want to race? Do you want to ride ramps? Is this your first time riding BMX bikes? Are you looking for a bike to take you around town and that has street features? What size and capacity of bike are you looking for?

What are the Different Types of BMX Bikes

BMX bikes or ?20-inch? as they are also known due to the wheel size, come in three different types:

The true BMX bike: is a light, nimble race bike suitable for racing on a BMX track. The frame is generally made of Chromoly or aluminium; Chromoly being a bit heavy and economical while aluminium being lighter and more versatile shape-wise. Aluminium also happens to be rust-proof. Frames also come in different sizes, with the Pro and Expert bikes available in XL size (extra-long).

The street /dirt jump/ park 20-inch bikes: have versatile rigs that handle crashes and rough riding well, and are suitable for street and park riding, tricks, grinding and dirt jumping. This category of bikes is sturdy and slightly heavier than racing BMX bikes and are made of steel. Higher grade models however use superior grade steel and specially tapered tubes making them fairly light with first-rate riding experience.

The flatland 20-inch bike: is comprised of a small wheelbase and is suited for flatland trick riding. It is considered the most specialised of all the 20-inch bikes due to its riders who continually balance the bike while working it into different positions for wild tricks. Notable features such as front and rear U-brakes, a long seat post and highly inflated tires make for a very specialised bike suitable for all kinds of tricks.

The cruiser: similar to the BMX, it is a light, nimble race bike suitable for tall or large riders. It has precision handling and uses a larger frame that houses 24-inch wheels. This bike is ideal for dirt jumping.

General Do?s and Don?ts when Considering Bike Stunts

Bike stunts involve an element of risk and danger to the performer. This is because the rider only has two wheels to support him, and despite wearing protective gear such as paddings and helmets there is always the danger of head and body injury.

Things to consider when planning to execute a stunt include:

  • Safety of the performer and audience
  • Proper stunt planning and practice which minimises risks
  • An understanding of your skills as you are responsible for both the stunt and its outcome. Recognise your limitations and do not push yourself too hard to achieve what is beyond your ability.

Bike Maintenance Tips

Keeping your bike in tip-top shape ensures that you get the most out of it in terms of performance, endurance and durability, while also saving money on unnecessary repairs and replacements. In order to maintain your bike it is important to:

  • Keep the drive train clean and lubricated. Loud rattling and squeaking sounds mean that the metal is rubbing against, meta, mud and grime. Use some disposable rags, bike oil, a degreaser and a small brush (a toothbrush comes in handy) to get all the possible dirt off the chains, wheel chains and sprockets. While at it do not forget the frames and wheels.
  • Keep your tires inflated. Tire pressure affects the quality and performance of your bike. Low tire pressure means that you work all the harder to maintain speed, and you risk getting more flats. Ensure you own a quality floor pump with a pressure gauge and check the tire pressure at least every two weeks. If you plan to put your bike in storage for some time you can take the tires completely off as this will prevent them from cracking.
  • Keep bolts and nuts tight but not too tight. Keep on checking whether they are loose to avoid losing them altogether and with them some movable parts such as mudguards. When buying a new bike be sure to ask the dealer if they can add a bag of spare nuts and bolts.
  • Check your brakes and brake pads. Ensure that your brakes are in a position to provide good stopping power when you need it, smooth transition as required and never rub your wheel the wrong way. It is important to monitor both brakes and brake pads and change them once they have worn out. Also ensure that they remain clean from mud, dirt and grime to reduce the wearing out of both the brakes and the braking surface.
  • Learn how to fix a flat tube. If you seem to be getting many flats on the same wheel, check the surface and inside the rim for sharp objects or protruding spokes. There are many tutorials on YouTube that guide you on how to prepare, glue the patch on and remount the tire.

Best BMX Bike Below ?300

Mafia-bikes Kush 2 BMX Bike

The Kush2 is a lightweight BMX with a very high specification and is considered one of the best-selling BMX bikes today. More than fifty thousand people have chosen to buy the kush2 BMX in just a few years. Due to the ever-growing demand for this model the manufacturers have added on a new range of colourways to suit your style and preference.


  • Big 29.5″ Bars with a 9″ rise.
  • Alloy single wall front rim. The rear rim has a double alloy wall
  • 4″ Lagos Crawler tyres
  • Tapered Fork Legs
  • U-Brake
  • Quality Grips
  • 25/9 Gearing.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in optional colour variants
  • Comes with a free optional road kit


  • This bike is only suitable for off-road use.

Best BMX Bike Below ?400

Mafia-bikes Street Elite Bomma Wheelie Bike

BOMMA is a fresh design strictly focusing on all-round wheelie tricks. It is specifically designed to suit off-road racing on enclosed tracks. The bike sits quickly and effortlessly on the rear wheel ready for whatever you want to throw at it. The specially designed Lagos tyres feature a V profile to help you fall effortlessly into those swerves and hold your line with confidence.


  • 29-inch wheel
  • Hi-tensile frame with integrated seat clamp
  • Wheelie specific geometry
  • Tektro rear disk brake
  • Alloy sealed rear hub with 12t driver
  • The rims are made of double-wall alloy
  • The 2.8 tyres are of massive Lagos
  • The crank set is a 3-piece 4130 Samox
  • The Mafia suede seat has a micro-adjustable seat post


  • Has a large balance-point range for stable wheelies and combo tricks
  • Micro gearing, sealed driver rear hub,
  • The Tektro rear disk brake installation is easily upgradable to hydraulics


  • Suitable only for off-road use
  • Road kit not offered as the bike is not to be used on the road

Best BMX Bike Below ?500

Mafia-bikes Street Elite Bomma Wheelie Bike Skid Row

The rapid emergence of the pedal Bike culture has come along with a new and exciting freestyle niche for the streets. With the Mafia-bikes Street Elite Bomma 29-inch Wheelie Bike you will find high quality and affordable stunt bike.


  • 29-inch wheel
  • Hi-tensile frame with integrated seat clamp
  • Wheelie specific geometry
  • Tektro rear disk brake,
  • Alloy sealed rear hub with 12t driver
  • Double-wall alloy rims,
  • Massive Lagos 2.8 tyres,
  • 3 piece 4130 Samox crank set
  • mafia suede seat with micro-adjustable seat post


  • focus is strictly on all-round wheelie tricks
  • has a large balance-point range for stable wheelies and combo tricks
  • has micro gearing
  • has sealed driver rear hub
  • rear disk brake installation which is easily upgradable to hydraulics


  • The bike is designed for off-road use only
  • Road kit not offered as bike is not to be used on the road