Best Bikes For The Elderly

Growing old comes with its own challenges. That doesn?t mean, however, you have to sit home all day watching TV. Cycling among people ages 50s, 60s, and even 70s is soaring according to studies. Biking is becoming more popular, not because it?s a hobby, but it helps you become healthier.

Riding a bicycle has its lions share how it benefits the body. It helps in weight loss, improves the health of the lungs, lowers heart attack and cancer, and saves time to mention but a few. These benefits have contributed to the audience purchasing bikes to broaden every single day. So, as you age the best way to get healthy or exercise daily is riding a bike.

Getting the best bike that meets your needs can be a taxing exercise because of many options in the market. This shouldn?t be the case because the most important thing is to test ride the bike that interests you. By doing so, you will establish which is the best bike for you. A good vendor should help you spend your fortune on an appropriate bike, perfect size and style, and, above all, make changes for maximum comfort.? You definitely don?t want to spend your money on a kit that will overwhelm you with poor performance.

The model of the bike is another key factor to consider. The designs and technology being used to manufacture bikes are growing rapidly. For this reason, it?s hard to distinguish latest brands from existing ones by looking at them. Not so, the riding experience is very different that is why you have to consider all these.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Bike

Some bikes are for comfortable cruising while others are for speed and performance. You need to narrow down each component to establish the best kit for you. It?s hard to pinpoint which areas are of great importance given the many features on any given bike. However, consider these features to have an enjoyable biking experience.

The Right Frame- In most cases, road bikes models look alike, but there is notable difference in the design of the frame. Yes, the frame design will determine how you will get to and off your bike. Still, it will affect your riding position. These two factors are critical if you care about enjoying a comfortable ride.

Therefore, ?a deep research through frame design is advisable as you will be factoring your riding position. Riding position and frame design go together. At the age of 50 or 60, riding a mountain bike is somehow uncomfortable because the bike focuses more on speed and performance.? So, consider a bike whose frame design will provide you an upright riding position. This will cause less stress on your lower back. It should enable you move around without any difficulty. Either, it should not be too bulky. The material used should be light but durable.

The Seat- Talking about the seat sounds to be a vague component, right? No, it?s an important feature of the bike. The seat is the pivotal point of the bike that will determine whether you are riding comfortably or not. A good saddle will keep the pressure of your groin area and restrain severe saddle sores. This is a must consider factor if you are a heavier rider.

The saddle of your bike should be adaptable with your sit bones (ischial tuberosities). Still, on this, consider the material used to make the saddle. The material used should be of high-quality. It should be complacent and prevent awkward irritation. Also, the saddle should be adjustable so you can adjust your sitting height. This will have an effect to reach the handlebars and take charge of your bike.

Handlebars- A kit with the wrong handlebar will cause pressure on your neck, back, and wrist. A good bike is that which has high handlebars slightly above the saddle. This will help prevent back pain and wrists. Still, this will protect you from overextending.

Another factor to look for on handlers is the texture of the grip. A grip that has a simple design and made from quality material is the best. It won?t hinder proper handling of the handlebars. Alternatively, the ones made from leather are good too.

Without proper handlebars, every time you have a ride, prepare yourself for blisters and swollen wrists.

Physical Needs- As you age, your sharpness decline despite your active lifestyle. Now that bike manufacturers are aware of this, they are designing bikes for specific ages, needs, and even those physical conditions. For instance, a road race bike isn?t a perfect choice if you haven?t ridden for a while. City bikes, on the other hand, have an upright position and enjoyable to ride. They are designed for transportation and comfort. For this reason, if you find balancing on a two-wheel bike is hard, consider a tricycle.

Budget- The freedom and enjoyment that integrates with riding a bike is clean air that opens your lungs. This does not mean you will have to break your bank account. Instead, draw a budget that will help you narrow to your specific bike. Of course, your budget will dictate the type of bike to buy. The good thing with bikes for this age is that they aren?t cosy. The price is pocket-friendly so you are sure of finding a kit that will meet your physical capabilities.

Suspension of the Bike- This feature is found on the fork of the bike. This is where the force from the road is trapped. The position of the seat is another place suspension is found. On some bikes, the suspension can be found in one of the two spots.

Suspension helps to lessen the pressure hence enjoy a smooth ride. ?And both suspensions work simultaneously.

Best Bike For Elderly Men of any Height

ECOSMO City Bike Bicycle

ECOSMO 20″ Lightweight Alloy Folding City Bike Bicycle is a perfect kit for tall and short riders. This bike is an ideal comrade that will transform your biking into a pedal-welding motorcycle. It will offer you both satisfaction and maneuverability at high velocity. ECOSMO 20″ comes with everything you need to enjoy your ride.? The following are the unique features of this kit.

  • Lightweight Alloy frame ? The frame is strong and weighs 12 kg. It is super, safe, and convenient because of the plain dual connection bending structure.
  • 7 Speed SHIMANO GEARS- Speed away from full-size bikes as SHIMANO GEAR shifter is easy to operate. Changing gears is specific and smooth.
  • Patented Folding- Fold up size is 82X30X60cm, making it safe and suitable. Still, it?s easier to store away or transport when need arise. Easily assemble and dismantle.


  • The bike is fully assembled
  • The bike is solid and looks cool
  • Rear rack for panniers
  • The bike is quiet
  • 7 gears make it easy to speed away from full-size bikes


  • The handlebar grips are uncomfortable to hold form more than an hour ride.
  • The saddle is very hard indeed
  • The bike consume a lot of space when folded because the handlebars fold within the two wheels
  • The bike is a bit heavy

Best Unisex Bike for the Elderly

Universal Wayfarer ?Unisex Folding Bike

Go for this bike if you are looking for comfort. If you weigh more than 75kgs, the better because it will still accommodate you. This kit is a perfect choice for cycling enthusiasts who resides in the city. The Universal Wayfarer has demonstrated the innovative concept that every cycler will love. The kit comes complete with a handy rear pannier for storage. Below are features that make Universal Wayfarer an outstanding bike.

  • 20inch alloy wheels with low resistance city tyres perfect for any city terrain.
  • Dual V-Brakes that will decrease the velocity of the bike at any point
  • 6 Speed Twist Grip Gears which and smooth and specific


  • Easy to fold once you get the hang of it
  • Easy to store indoors and nice bike to ride
  • Manages longer distance and various road conditions
  • Set up of the bike is straightforward


  • Not for tall cyclers
  • Gears are not enough for normal commute
  • You need your toolbox to tighten nuts that unscrew themselves

Best Men-Bike for the Elderly

Retro City Bike City Bike Mens CHRISSON VINTAGE CITY Gent 6S SHIMANO black 2017

If you are a big fan of vintage bikes with higher demands, CHRISSON VINTAGE CITY Gent 6S SHIMANO black 2017 is here for you. The undercoating technology used on this bike gives its unmistakable look.? The components used are hand-picked making it one of the reliable bikes on the market right now. Below are features that make the bike a perfect deal.

  • Powerful DUAL PIVOT brakes that guarantees you an outstanding deceleration on every terrain
  • High-quality vintage saddle guaranteeing comfort during your ride
  • Luggage career of the brand Zanchetta
  • Strong frame for efficient performance and durability


  • The Gemuffter Hiten steel frame provides an efficient ride
  • Can cover long distance
  • Light in weight


  • Not comfortable on rough terrain
  • Chain fall easily on low gears