Best Electric Bike Under £1000 – Our Reviews 2020

In the current generation, convenience is key – hence why electric bikes have been on a steady gain of popularity. If you are looking to jump on the cycling craze, this e-bikes review is a great place to start.

Most people are always under the assumption that good electric bikes cost an arm and a leg. However, this is not the case, as the market is filled with options to suit every consumer’s needs and budget.

One downside of the flooded market is it makes it hard to choose, especially if you are new to the cycling community. I have taken the liberty to outline the best electric bikes under 1000, according to experts.

My review is based on price, functionality, components, design, and build. This ensures you get value for money on all fronts.

Our best electric bikes under 1000-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

1- ANCHEER 26″ Electric Bike (Editor’s Choice)

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If you are in the market for a budget electric bike for your everyday commute, the Ancheer 26′ is one of your best options. It gives you total value for money without compromising on quality.

This electric bike is fully fitted with a 12.5 lithium-ion battery that has the ability to last an impressive 30 miles. The battery is integrated on the rear hub for the utmost comfort and functionality.

For the price, you will be glad to note it comes with quality mechanical disc brakes on both the front and the rear tires. The disc brakes, coupled with its 6 gear range, make it ideal for mountaineering or other similar adventurers.

Since the frame and stem are made of aluminum, the Ancheer 26′ is very lightweight yet durable. The stem is designed to be lower than normal, while the handlebar is brought closer for comfort.

You will have the option of either pedal-assist or throttle. The latter is when you need a quick boost and the other for when you need a lot of help (e.g.; when you are cycling up a rocky and steep mountain).

The battery takes 6 hours to charge, after which you can track its usage on the LCD monitor placed on the handlebar. Thanks to its quality Shimano shock-absorbing forks, you will be protected every time you hit a pothole or when the terrain is rocky.

Ancheer is powered by a powerful 350 watts brushless motor. This ensures it wins on all the fronts- functionality and range.

To avoid a mess and confusion, all the wiring cables are located inside the frame-This plays a huge part in aesthetics. However, internal wiring means more complications during what could have been a minor repair.

Pros of the product

-The frame is very lightweight and is built to withstand adverse weather conditions for extended periods.

-You get to enjoy an impressive top speed of 18 miles per hour without peddling.

-It has six gears that make it very versatile for several terrains.

This bike is fitted with a powerful motor and a 12.5 lithium-ion, a very long-lasting battery.

-Since it comes 80% assembled, the rest is very easy to put together even for beginners.

-Like all Ancheer e-bikes, it comes with a high load capacity of 300 pounds.

Cons of the product

-It is not suitable for advanced mountain biking. This is mostly because of insufficient gears and ill-equipped tires.

-Sometimes, the manual button malfunctions hence preventing you from switching to manual.

-It only comes with two-assist modes which are quite limiting.

-The LCD is hard to read and operate whilst cycling.

2-EggshellHome Electric Bikes for Adult

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This men’s electric bike is not only very good to look at but also, it has very impressive functionality. It would not have been a complete review without including the Eggshell home electric bike.

Like most of their bikes, this one is specifically designed with an everyday commute or light exercise consumer in mind. Thanks to its 36V/8-13 Ah battery, this e-bike can comfortably last you up to 90 miles.

Since the battery is the new version of lithium-ion, you can detach and charge it separately from the frame. One of the best selling perks of this e-bike is that it only requires 3 hours to recharge.

You enjoy three working modes: pure electric mode, PAS mode, and pure human riding mode. What you choose depends entirely on the terrain and level of assistance you think you need.

For maximum results, you can combine all the modes. However, this will reduce your battery life significantly.

If you are a speed lover, you will benefit from its quality mechanical disc brakes on both the rear hub and front hub. The brakes are backed with a 21-speed Shimano professional transmitter.

No matter the terrain, you’re guaranteed a smooth ride as this e-bike comes fully fitted with quality front suspension forks. The designers conveniently placed the LCD display where it is easily accessible and visible.

On display, you will find the battery life, speed, assist modes, and cycling distance. Once you brake, the LCD will automatically turn off to preserve power and prevent accidents.

Its tires are anti-slip and resistant to wear. This is great as it saves you loads of money on tire replacement and also, your chances of slipping are reduced significantly.

Just in case you like cycling at night, this e-bike comes with a bright headlight and a very loud horn. Coupled with a pair of reflectors, you are good to go on your nightly adventurers.

Pros of the product

-It is powered by a powerful SANYUAN 18650 Li-battery and a quality brushless motor.

-Smooth rides are a guarantee thanks to its powerful fork system.

-It is equipped with a powerful headlight and horn making it ideal for night travels

-Thanks to its aluminum body, the electric bike is very lightweight yet sturdy.

-Comes in an ergonomic and modern design.

-It is fitted with a carrier at the back, allowing you to carry customers or luggage.

-It is very affordable, and the manufacturing company has very good customer service.

-Conveniently equipped with three assist modes.

Cons of the product

-This e-bike has a limited maximum load of 150kgs.

-It is very hard to assemble especially if you are a beginner.

-The 180-day warranty on the battery is too short and is not very workable.

-It comes with a very uncomfortable saddle especially if you love going for long trips.

3.BIKFUN Electric Bike Mountain e-bike

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Bikfun is well known for its ergonomic and uniquely designed electric bikes, and this model is no different. The best part is, it falls under the folding electric bike category.

To make this e-bike ideal for consumers of all sizes, it comes with an easily adjustable saddle and handlebar. For further convenience, Bikfun ship their products when they are 85% assembled.

This makes it very easy and time-saving for beginners. Like most of the other best electric bikes under 1000, this model comes with three support modes to choose from; normal mode, electric mode, and power assistance mode.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one assist mode, use all of them at once or switch them off altogether. The LCD is strategically placed to make it accessible without taking your hands off the handlebar.

This electric bike comes with a pair of very sensitive and powerful mechanical disc brakes. You can easily manage a 30 degrees gradient on whatever terrain- mostly thanks to its anti-slip tires and quality front suspension fork.

Fully equipped with a 36V / 7.8Ah lithium battery that takes up to 6 hours to recharge. Thankfully, the battery has a fairly long life.

Coupled with a 250 watts brushless motor, you will be able to achieve a speed of 25km/h effortlessly.

Pros of the product

-Its battery is detachable to facilitate easier charging and versatility of cycling experiences

-Every part comes with a one year warranty, and the staff is always available for further consultations.

-This bike is shipped with a fully stocked tool kit.

-Comes with a very bright LED light and a loud horn for safety when cycling at night

-Perfect for mountaineering as it is fitted with a 21-speed Shimano gear transmission system

-The quality of its features translate to total value for your money

-This electric mountain bike is equipped with torque processing pedal-assist features.

-Since it is a folding electric bike, you get both convenience and functionality without compromising on quality.

-Takes a short time to recharge

Cons of the product

-For a folding electric bike, it is quite heavy

-Not well suited for everyday commute

-Comes with a cheap-looking lithium-ion warranty

-Has very many parts that are prone to adverse weather conditions

4-Hyuhome Electric Mountain Bike for Adults

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Hyuhome has steadily released quality electric mountain bikes over the years. It would not be a true review without featuring the best electric bike under 1000 from them so far- The Hyuhome MTB.

Perfect for advanced cyclists who are in the market for an electric mountain bike that can propel them through rigorous adventures. It comes fitted with quality puncture-protected tires and anti-slip handlebars to guarantee your utmost comfort and safety.

Since it is 1P54 waterproof, this electric mountain bike can comfortably withstand harsh weather conditions and waterlogged terrains. It’s quality Shimano tires offer a strong road grip whilst the aluminum frame offers for unmatched sturdiness.

What makes it one of the electric bike best sellers is its powerful 360W 36V high-speed brushless motor. With such power, you can easily cycle at 42km/h( unless you are in Europe as the law dictates the maximum assist speed to be 25km/h.)

Although it only has two assist modes, one of them offers three different speed rations. The purely electric assist mode offers a 30km/40/km/50km/hr option while the boost mode can propel you till 70km/hr.

The frame and stem are made of lightweight and durable carbon steel. The best part about the said frame on this electric mountain bike is, it is foldable.

You can easily ferry it around in the back of your car when going on trips. Also, you won’t have to worry about space as it size allows it to be stored anywhere.

The number of accessories this electric mountain bike comes with, and their quality is impressive at its affordable price. Starting from the durable and sensitive disc brakes to the 21-6 speed professional transmission system.

The powerful brushless motor is located on the front hub in such a way that you still enjoy the total comfort. The hub motor coupled with its fast-charging(6 hours to full charge)lithium-ion battery will ensure you are always set for adventure.

If your battery runs out while you are out, you can easily detach it, transforming the bike into a traditional version.

Pros of the product

-Comes with two comprehensive riding assist modes that ensure every consumer is catered for.

-The alloy frame and aluminum handlebar give you both durability whilst still ensuring the bike remains lightweight.

-This electric mountain bike is equipped with a powerful motor and a large-capacity lithium-ion battery.

-Has a very powerful set of front suspension forks that guarantee a smooth ride on rocky terrain.

-This electric mountain bike is very affordable and is shipped when almost fully assembled.

-All its parts come with a 1-year warranty which can be prolonged to three years at an additional cost.

-Its torque pedal assist is very sensitive and picks up speed fairly quickly.

-Since it is a folding electric bike, you enjoy saving up on space whilst it makes maneuverability easier.

Cons of the product

-Its stopping power when you are on full speed is quite dismal

-The battery looks very bulky hence messes with the overall appearance of this electric mountain bike

-The seat tends to be very uncomfortable especially for long rides.

-Maintenance of this electric mountain bike is very costly and most of its spare parts are not easily available.

5-FIIDO Folding Electric Mountain Bike for Urban Adults

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FIIDO is arguably a top pick among the best electric bikes under 1000. As the name suggests, it was designed with the typical adventurer and mountaineer in mind.

However, this mountain bike easily doubles as an everyday commute saving you the hustle of taking the subway. Aside from being very easy on the eyes, it is just as powerful.

FIIDO folding electric bike comes equipped with a powerful motor 250 watts capacity and a 10.4 Ah Battery. To ensure smooth power transmission, it is topped with a 21-speed Shimano set.

Additionally, this 6-speed electric mountain bike has three assist modes namely; normal, electric, and power assistance. Feel free to detach the brushless motor anytime you want to enjoy a traditional cycling experience.

Like most of the best electric bikes under 1000, you can cycle for up to 60 miles with maximum assistance before you need to charge the battery. The best part is, it only needs a maximum of four hours to recharge fully.

All the cables are externally routed making it very easy to perform maintenance. However, you will need to be careful as loose cables could cost you dearly when man-handled.

The tires on this electric mountain bike are a whopping 20′ and are both puncture-protected and resistant to wear. Adding on to the fact that they have deep treads and your pedal assist is very sensitive, you are bound to be very comfortable no matter the terrain.

Pros of the product

-This folding electric bike has very impressive speed and wide battery capacity range; Ideal for advanced cyclists.

-Comes with a very good quality brushless motor with a 21 speed Shimano transmitter.

-The fact that it is foldable makes it a favorite among the best electric bikes under 1000

-This folding electric bike is designed with a modern sophistication without compromising on functionality range.

-The motor is located n the mid-rear hub for utmost comfort.

-With every purchase, you get a free toolbox to help you during emergencies and assembly.

Cons of the product

-Although the LCD display indicates that it is capturing the speed in km/h, it is really capturing in m/hr. However, the issue was resolved in some models.

-Most of the spokes are loosely fitted resulting in a slight wobbly riding experience

-The LCD display is prone to fog during the rainy season. This may have very bad effects on electric parts in the long run.

-The quality of most of its secondary accessories is very poor.

-It comes with good quality disc brakes that sadly have low sensitivity.

What to look for in best electric bikes under 1000

As more people join the cycling craze, the market continually expands to accommodate the needs of everyone. Seeing that an electric bike is an investment, you need to research which model will suit their exact needs fully before making a purchase.

Here are a few things to look out for;

-Battery capacity

Your battery’s capacity is very important as it dictates how many miles you can get under a full charge. The more the watts, the more miles you will be able to cover.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem for most bikes under 1000 as they have batteries big enough to last the average man a day of adventure.

Keep in mind the more assistance you require the faster the battery is going to get used up. So if your everyday terrain is rocky, a big battery is a good place to start.


Seeing as space is a tricky factor in most homes, you should find a bike that fits well into your garage and car. If you are very strapped for space, consider a folding electric bike.


There are several types of tires available for electric bikes. The difference could be the size, functionality, life span, etc.

Make sure you find what will work for your needs before making a purchase. If you suspect you will be subjected to frequent punctures, get puncture-protected tires or buy the necessary tools for changing a tire beforehand.


Electric bikes are very costly and so getting one that is comfortable for frequent use is very imperative. Ensure the seat is well padded, the adjustments suit your body size and shape, the handlebar is easy to use and the peddles are steady.

You might want to take the bike out for testing before buying. This way, you will get to decide first hand if you are comfortable with it.


if you plan on traversing hilly terrains with your electric bike, go for a bike with many gears. Nowadays, you can get an electric bike with as many as 21 gears.

However, if you mostly frequent tarmacked roads, then you do not need gears at all. Focus more on speed and battery range.


As for brakes, try and prioritize mechanical disc brakes or v brakes. They tend to be of very good quality. Also, the sensitivity of the brakes while in full speed should be very high to avoid accidents.

-Intended use

Electric bikes come in hundreds of different designs meant for different functions. Some are good for mountaineering, some for the everyday commute, some for rocky terrains, etc.

Finding what bike is well suited to your needs is very important.

Also, the price point differs in regard to the functionality. With good research, you can save yourself a buck by getting a less known affordable brand as it may possess all the features you need.

Frequently asked questions

1- How long does a typical electric bike last? This depends on the battery capacity, your terrain, and body weight. All things considered, most bikes have a range of up to 100 miles.

2- Can electric bikes transform into a traditional bike? Since the only major difference is in the battery, most electric bikes can transform into a traditional bike just by detaching the battery.

This will reduce the weight and allows you to paddle back home with ease on those days where your battery runs out. However, some manufacturers prefer built-in batteries that cannot eject.

3- Do I need a license for an electric bike? Although laws differ from state to state, most countries do not require you to have a permit before operating an electric bike. Although, most countries require you to be at least 16 years of age.

4- Is my electric bike waterproof? For convenience, electric bikes are designed in such a way that they can withstand adverse weather conditions. Meaning you can cycle in the rain or through puddles if you please.

You should not leave the bike exposed to water for a long time. Like any other metal equipment, it will be subjected to rust and wear.

5- How long does it take to charge an electric bike? A typical lithium-ion battery will take anything from 3 up to 6 hours to fully recharge, However, newer version electric bikes come with a partial charge which only needs 2 hours tops to achieve a full battery.

6- How fast does an electric bike travel? It wholly depends on how intense and fasts you peddle. Most importantly, some states have laws that prevent an electric bike from propelling you faster than you can propel yourself.

This means the motor cuts out as soon as you start going faster than 25m/hr.

7-Which is the best bike under 1000? As per this review, the auditor’s choice is arguably Ancheer 26′.

Benefits of owning electric bikes

The benefits of owning electric bikes are endless. It is no wonder they have risen in popularity quickly over the last five years.

The main ones include;

-They help reduce the carbon footprint

By cycling instead of driving, you help significantly reduce the carbon footprint imposed upon the earth by toxic fumes from the gas.

-Improves health

Cycling is a great form of exercise both to the mental and physical form. The fact that you can squeeze in a work out as you run other errands is a plus.

Besides that, cycling is among the best ways to tone your body, strengthen your core and quads. With consistent cycling, you can easily achieve both your desired health and body goals.


E-bikes are perfect for people who desire to benefit from cycling without breaking a sweat. The battery and motor give the rider just enough boost.

Also, bicycles do not require a lot of maintenance like cars do. So you will never have to worry about a late oil change or a xostly car wash ride.

-They make it easy to maneuver

If your area is prone to traffic, owning an electric bike makes it possible to maneuver to your destination and get to your errands on time.

-Saves you money

Since e-bikes do not require gas every day as vehicles do, you will get to save lots of money. Also, maintaining an electric bike is very affordable.

-They require little capital

As compared to cars, you need fewer licenses, insurance costs, and initial capital to purchase an electric bike as opposed to the money needed to buy a car.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the best among the aforementioned e-bikes is the Ancheer 26′. It offers you total value for your money as all its features and components are of top-notch quality.

One of these electric bikes best features has to be its exemplar fnctionlity. This model has mastered perfection in both- design, range, versatility, functionality, and finally performance.

Its v brakes are of very high quality, the battery is a high capacity, and a powerful power transmission system finishes them off. In short, this bike ticks all the boxes necessary where electric bikes are concerned.

Its build and design are well thought to to ensure you are as comfortable as it gets. Additioanlly, the body and all supporting parts are made of high grade material that will last you a lifetime.

It’s important to note that the best electric bike under 1000 varies depending on your specific needs. Finding what works specifically for you is the key- But this best bike electric review article is a great place to start.

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