Best Electric Bikes Under ?1000 – Reviews From UK 2019 – 2020

EBikes You Would Get for Less Than ?1000

An e-bike is simply, an electric bicycle. It has an electric motor. E-bikes can be ridden like normal bicycles, but with some assistance from the motor that helps you along the way. There are two kinds of e-bikes available. ?Factory bikes? and kit bike. A Kit Bike is a normal bike, but with a retrofitted engine, which you can do by yourself, if you want. ?Factory bikes? are built as e-bikes from the ground up. There are 3 classes of e-bikes. Class 1 (Pedelec) is defined as an electric bicycle that only assists the rider when he/she is peddling. Class 2 (throttle) is an e-bike with a motor exclusively used to propel the bike. And finally the Class 3 (Spedlec) electric bike. This type of bike assists only when the rider is pedalling speeds higher than 28mph; that is why it is called a Spedlec. ?Whichever you choose, it will depend on your needs and budget.

The e-bike runs on an electricity-powered battery, which is great for the environment but has some disadvantages that affect the user. Like any battery-powered vehicle, the battery runs on individual cells clumped together to form one. If for whatever reason one of those cells were to fail, you will have to get a brand new battery.

Another thing to note with an electric bike is the weight distribution. The placing of the motor at whichever end can lead to uneven weight distribution. This is not good for the bike, considering bikes dot not have any suspension.

The e-bikes are also heavy, heavier than normal bikes. Simply putting a battery, whether on a kit or an e-bike, makes the bike heavier and cumbersome.

But it is worth noting that, with the development and increased popularity of e-bike, we have seen high-quality products, geared towards health, fitness and general pleasure. The many varied products offer a competitive pricing range for anyone interested. One thing to be sure of is the consistent improvement of technology. Riders expect that in the coming years there will be significant improvements in battery life. This will not only extend the e-bike battery capacity but can also make them even cheaper. Even, easily replaceable. It is very likely that e-bikes could be the face of urban mobility. E-bikes give you a little bit of help when riding on the flat. It can max out at 15mph and absolutely speed up any kind of steep incline. This allows you to commute without exerting yourself too much.

Why are E-bikes popular?

If you live in any city, you have likely seen a good amount of people riding electric bicycles from one place to another, even if you did not realise what you were seeing. The popularity of e-bikes is increasing at an incredible rate. This rapid increase is forcing lawmakers to consider making them accessible to everyone. Laws are being passed that would regulate and ensure the safety for bikers. There are many things one needs to be scrupulous about before buying an e-bike;

  1. The shelf life

A big factor regarding the shelf life of an e-bike is the battery. As mentioned before, there are general factors concerning batteries. But what you should take into account is the battery life of your e-bike. Battery life is calculated in charge cycles. In other words, the number of full charges (from 0 to 100%) that it can undergo before it is depleted. Theoretically, a battery can undergo several hundred charge cycles. How much depends on;

  • The battery type.
  • Storage i.e. the way you take care of your battery. This will affect its life. For example, if you store your battery somewhere dry and protected, it will last longer. Generally, regular use of an electric bike battery becomes less efficient after 4 years.
  • The most commonly used batteries are:
    1. Lithium batteries: which are widespread and may hold up to 1000 charge cycles, or even more, the newer models should last longer, (you want these ones).
    2. Nickel batteries can have around 500 cycles.
    3. With lead batteries, you can expect around 300 cycles.

  1. Size

The most important things to consider are:

  • The longevity of your battery and how easily it can be replaced
  • Whether you can fit it in yourself
  • You should also look out for voltage. Many e-bike manufacturers make many voltage claims, often inflated. It can be challenging to understand how e-bike batteries compare and so it is best to have a simple formula to calculate the battery?s capacity. Something like this;

Voltage ? amp-hours = watt-hours

That being said, you should not always trust a manufacturer?s claim. Manufacturers will assert a range that details how far their e-bikes will go and how long the e-bike battery will last. This does not always relate to the number of times your bike is used.

Two different bikes with similar batteries can have conflicting claims. There are many factors, such as are you riding uphill or downhill? How fast is the electric bike? How much does the rider weigh? There are so many variables. The calculated range could be anywhere between 10 miles (full throttle) and 50 miles.

Could you go 30 miles on your electric bike? Absolutely, but there are some requirements needed to make that happen, and that is not what most people do. You could drain it faster than that. Absolutely, but that is not always the typical scenario.

So, do not believe the range claim by e-bike manufacturers, ignore them altogether and use the new knowledge you have about battery capacity, the quality, and the types of motors.

  1. Price

Another important aspect is the price. An e-bike is not as expensive as you might think. The price of the electric bike largely depends on the type of riding experience you want.

If you are looking for an electric bike for quick rides, you might want to spend less money than if you need one for daily commutes. Do you need an e-bike to go trail riding? Then you will have to buy an electric bike with more durable parts.

As mentioned before, there are many e-bike manufacturers all offering competing prices. As you explore your options you can get an idea of what to expect when buying an e-bike. Electric bikes wear out just like the traditional bicycle.? However, they have far more components in them that can wear out. If you are going to use one as your main means of transportation, it will need adequate maintenance to last. You should take into account the maintenance cost that you will incur, should any parts need replacing. You should also consider the Cost for Charging an E-Bike. Arguably the most important factor, it is a recurring cost that comes with electric bikes; charging the battery. Find an e-bike that fits into your electric bill while still within your needs and is much cheaper than fuelling a car.

  1. Room for growth

In the next five years, e-bikes are expected to have a greater level of integration compared to now. They are expected to have slicker profiles, and crucially, advanced technology. Manufacturers are rumoured to be investing in connected bikes that tell them how the user rides. It?s expected to enable bikes to work better when the rider needs it to. Motors will automatically tune to riders? heart rates and suspension inputs to create smoother riding experiences. They are expected to be more reliable.


In the summertime, families tend to camp outdoors. This is a great time for cycling off-road. The electric motors bridge the gap between older and younger family members? fitness levels. Forget the cyclist who might brand you as cheaters because your bike has a motor. Electric mountain bikes are designed to be bikes first and foremost.? The electric design is an augmentation rather than a redesign. E-bikes come in different designs and purposes. The most important deciding factor in riding an e-bike is not the motor but the attitude. They are designed as traditional bikes, and many new e-bikes are designed with high-quality performance and biking capability in mind. These are some budget e-bikes currently on the market for you to choose from.

Best E-bike Below ?800

The Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer electric bike is a leader of e-bikes manufacturers. They specialise in all types of bikes, but this one specifically is an electric mountain bike. It comes at a price of ?760. Below are some of its key features:

  • The bike has a premium light weight aluminium alloy frame that is both strong and durable. Both front and rear wheels are aluminium alloy wheels. The painting material is anti-exposure and anti-rust.
  • It uses a pro-environment Lithium-ion battery of 36V/8AH. Depending on the riding mode, the battery can last up to 50KM. This E-bike has a LED lamp and a horn for night riding.
  • It has thick but light aluminium alloy wheels that make it anti-slip resistant. Therefore, the bike can be used in all weathers and roads.
  • The bike has three working modes; assisted bicycle, E-bike and bicycle. Riders can switch from one mode to another easily.



  • The bike has a collapsible folding frame which makes it easier to carry around.
  • It has a strong carbon steel suspension and a 21-speed shifter for climbing uphill.
  • The magnesium alloy wheels help protect the bike while maneuvering through tricky terrain.
  • Has a lithium battery, which is the standard optimum battery for E-bikes.


  • The battery cannot be charged away from the bicycle. Which limits the portability range.
  • It also comes in at a total of 25kgs which is too heavy to be carried around all day.
  • It is not fully built so you would have to assemble some parts of it individually.

Best E-Bike Below ?700

Hiriyt Mountain Bike

The Hiriyt electronic mountain bike is also another option compared to the Ancheer. This bike is cheaper than the Ancheer. It is priced at around ?650. It has an aluminium alloy frame. The following are some of the other interesting features of this bike:

  • The bike is made of aluminium alloy frames. The front fork is made of carbon steel. Both the front and rear wheels are made of aluminium alloy as well.
  • It has a removable Lithium battery of 36V/8AH. The battery is fast-charging; it only needs 4-6hours to be fully charged. Depending on the rider?s mode, the lithium battery can go up to 50KM.
  • It has a high- speed gear system of 250W. The braking system is perfect for riders? safety.
  • The bike has wear resistant tires that are also anti- slip resistant. The adjustable seat and ergonomic handbar make it suitable for most riders.
  • It has three working modes; E-bike, assisted bicycle and bicycle. Users can shift to their preferred mode using a smart meter button.


  • It has a large capacity removable lithium battery, which is one of the important factors when considering batteries. Its removable battery makes the bike convenient. You just need to carry the battery with you. It also has a fast-charging option needing only 6 hours to reach maximum charge.
  • The bike boasts an ?Ergonomic hand bar, adjustable seat and RST, anti-slip and wear-resistant tire.? All of which is catered to giving you a comfortable ride regardless of the terrain.


  • It is costly compared to other E-bikes.

Best E-Bike Below ?600

Daphome FIIDO E-bike

A third option to the other two is the Daphome mountain bike. It is the cheapest of them all, with a price of ?550. Below are the unique features of this bike:

  • It has a motor of 250W, which provides a maximum speed of 25km/hr
  • It has a lithium-ion battery of 7.8AH. It can go up to 50KM depending on the cycling mode used.
  • The handlebar and saddle can be adjusted to accommodate people of different heights.
  • It has three modes; pedal mode, moped mode and pure electric mode. The bike is foldable for portability.


  • It is foldable.
  • It has a front light, useful for riding at night and foggy mornings.
  • There are different modes. Depending on your strength. There?s the pedal mode for traditional biking and a purely electric mode for the opposite reason.


  • Despite the capability to remove the battery, it is advised against doing so. This counteracts its purported portability.
  • Does not seem to have a sturdy mountain design bike compared to the others.