5 Best Gravel Bikes under 1500 (2020 Updated)

Bikes have been in the market for decades now. As time goes by, more manufacturers are coming up with different gravel bikes’ designs day in day out in terms of weight, components, and the general look.

Gravel Bikes are designed for casual rides, sports as well as adventure. Well, in this article, I shall take you through the best gravel bikes under 1500 in 2020 that you should consider purchasing.

Our Top Five Best Gravel Bikes (2020 updated)

1.Eurobike Road Bike XC550(Editor’s Choice)

A Eurobike is a gravel bike manufactured by Jsybike. Eurobike is the best gravel bike in the market. It has a speeding shifting system of 21. With such kind, you are sure that you can stop at any speed.

A Eurobike has a brake style in the form of a hydraulic disc and a frame material made of steel. This gravel bike comes with different color names.

These are the 49cm-Mag wheel, 54cm L spoke wheel, 54cm –Spoke wheel, and 54cm –Mag wheel.

Editor’s Choice


Easy to assemble

A powerful shifting system

Light Aluminum wheel rims

Dual hydraulic disc brakes

Sturdy steel frame

Wide tyres


A bit heavy as it weighs 18.5kgs

Eurobike is the gravel bike best-recommended for entry-level riders. It has most of the best features for high-end gravel bikes.

2. LZBIKE Road Bike XC550

Lzbike is a gravel bike that is manufactured by Lzbike. It is made of a steel frame and weighs less than 220LB.  It comes in black and white. In terms of size, it is 700C,54cm. And has a speed shifter of 21.

Lzbike brakes are designed in the form of a disc, which is are hydraulic disc brakes.


  • Well designed spokes wheel
  • 21 smooth gears
  • Lightweight
  • 21-speed shifter
  • Steel frame hence durable


  • 54cm is not suitable for all heights. Taller people would need a taller bike.

Lzbike road bike is the second recommended gravel bike for entry-level riders. Its features are favorable for new cyclers.

3. Eurobike Mountain Bike 27.5

Eurobike from Tsmeubike manufacturers is one of the best mountain bikes in the market.  It has analuminum alloy frame that makes it light as well as durable. The speed Shimano shifter of the Eurobike mountain bike is 21. Hence changing the gears is smooth as well as capable of operating on different surfaces.

It has a dual hydraulic disc brake that is the front and the rear; hence the stopping power is effortless at any speed.


  • Dual disc brake
  • Powerful shifting power
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aerodynamic frame
  • Has a great suspension


  • The brake system needs tuning to maximize stopping power.

With the Eurobike mountain bike, the features are up to standard. It is made with durable components, and according to the quality, it is a top recommended mountain bike.

Schwinn Surge 26’ wheel Mountain Bike.

Schwinn Surge 26′ wheel Mountain Bike is a product of the Pacific Cycle. The design of the bike itself provides stability as well as control to the rider. It has an aluminum alloy double frame that offers the bike with durability.

Schwinn Surge 26′ wheel Mountain Bike has a seven-speed rotational shifter that makes gear changing much easy. It also has suspension forks that offer support and comfort to the rider upfront. 


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Internal Cable Disc brakes
  • Seven-speed rotational shifter
  • Rear mudguard


  • The bike’s seat is unbendable, making it uncomfortable.

If the bike features awe you, then the seat can be the least of your problems. You can buy a padded seat, and it will serve the purpose.

5. Bikestar HardTail Alloy Mountain Bike

Bikestar HardTail Alloy Mountain Bike is a product of Star-Trademarks. It is a top-rated bike suitable for boys and girls. Adults with a height of about 150cm-165cm can also use this bike. You can ride to work, school, or take a casual ride with Bikestar HardTail Alloy Mountain Bike as it is lightweight and stable.

It is made with an aluminum frame making it durable and safe for the rider. It has a 21-speed quality Shimano shifter. Hence, changing gears is easy.


  • Two-disc brakes front and rear.
  • Hollow rims hence more stable on any terrain
  • Quick assembly
  • Stable aluminum frame
  • lightweight


  • The brakes need tuning, which is not easy to stop.

Bikestar HardTail Alloy Mountain Bike is recommendable. Its features are similar to a high-end mountain bike at an affordable price. 

What to look for in a gravel bike

Unlike easy-going products, a bike is a onetime purchase product and is meant to serve the purpose and last for long with minimal maintenance. Well, when buying a bike, either offline or online, the following are the features you should consider first.


The soul of a bike is the frame. Look for a bike that is built with a durable frame. Examples of durable frames are steel and aluminum.


The type of wheels a bike has is essential. Right wheels make a bike faster; this is due to the rotational weight.

 Also, check out for the tyres. A wide tyre provides the bike with more stability. Additionally, tubeless-ready tyres are more efficient.

Bike fit

A bike that fits is very comfortable as well as easy to ride. Before purchasing a bike, check whether ,

  • The crank length is correct
  • Correct size headtube
  • The width of the handlebars is inline with the width of your shoulders
  • The right length of the stem

The above are some of the essential features to look for in a bike. Also, make a decision on which kind of bike you want. It can be a sports bike, mountain bike, or an adventure bike.

What are the Benefits of a gravel bike

Cycling is an essential exercise in your day to day lives. It is beneficial to your health. Some of the benefits of cycling are:

  • Mental clarity

It has been proven that people who cycle daily have mental clarity. Cycling helps in clearing your mind, boosting your moods. https://mensline.org.au/mens-mental-health/cycling-positive-mental-health/

  • Weight loss

Cycling helps in the burning of calories. For a rider who takes intense cycling, he/she can reduce between 400-1000 calories in an hour.

But of course, eating behaviors also contribute to the loss of weight.

  • Muscle building

Cycling builds muscles around the glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Well, if you make a habit of cycling every day, then you have the chance to get muscles.

  • Reduces chances of heart diseases

While cycling, your heart rate increases; hence the blood is pumped around your body, reducing calories and reducing the chances of gaining weight.


Question; Does the bike come built?

Answer: Most of the bikes are half assembled. The rest are shipped together with the bike and an instruction manual to complete the cycle.

Question: How do I know a good Bike?

Answer: Look at the features. See above What to look for in a gravel bike.

Question: Can I install my preferred seat?

Answer: If the seat is not comfortable enough for you, you can purchase a padded seat and install it.

Our #1 best road bike

Eurobike Road Bike XC550 is our number one best-recommended gravel bike. The frame time is made of steel, a  dual disc brake, and a 21-speed shifter make it a high-end gravel bike, especially for first-time riders.a

The frame is durable and has a rigid suspension. The gravel bike has a carbon fork designed for all road adventures, making cycling easy and fun.

Eurobike Road Bike XC550

  • Recommended for entry-level riders                                     
  • Last for long with low maintenance
  • Comfortable to rides