Where To Cycle In London – Top Bike Riding Spots!

Where to cycle in London

Once in awhile, it?s refreshing to ditch the car rides we are all so used to and switching up for a?bike. With a bicycle, you have the option of choosing any route you wish to follow hence allowing you to enjoy the views your town area has to offer.

Your biking experience is highly dependent on the trail and environment you settle for. It is, therefore, imperative to research bicycle-friendly routes beforehand, so you don?t end up having a shit experience. If you are in London and want to find a different cycling environment, this article will guide you to decide on your best option. All cycling factors considered, we settled on the following places:

1. The Tamsin trail

This?trail?is easy and can be used by anyone willing to have a good time and a lot of ice-cream as the shops will surely tempt you. It is located in Richmond park so you will have the views of St. Paul?s cathedral, a woodland garden with lots of flowers, Isabella plantation, Ham house, and Pembroke lodge. Give this 12 km trail a chance, and you might meet a deer to brighten up your day as the park is crawling with the beauties.

Find the trail map?here

2. Battersea Park to Greenwich

This 16km trail is albeit steep and suitable for cyclists with a little experience. It follows quiet roads with scenic views of the Globe. Palace of Westminster, Tate Modern, and the London eye.This trail has proven to be an excellent first date idea for many claims to have fallen in love while they cycling along the riverside and peaceful streets.

Once the trial is over, visit the royal botanical Garden to let the steam off as the gates are a few meters away from the end.

3. Olympic Park to Wanstead grounds

This 6km trail is best for beginners who do not want a long journey but still want the experience. The best part about it is the path has vast space, so you get to ride in circles if you please. At the end of the trail, it gets scenic, and you can grab a bite as you enjoy the extensive Wanstead grounds.

Start at the recently opened Olympic park and head south to the lighthouse. Here you will enjoy the sights of River lea and the aquatics center. When you get to Velo Park, take the can hall road to lead you to the end of the trail, Wanstead gardens.

4. Regent park loop to St. Albans

Start this 42-kilometer trail with a warm-up lap around Regent Park to prepare yourself for the hurdle ahead. The warm-up will be all cozy as the park is only 4km, and perfectly manicured gardens surround it. The road towards Hiilgate is the worst because of its rocky and hilly terrain. From there, the route is quiet, peaceful, and long.

Your thighs will probably be on fire by the time you get to the St. Albans cathedral but, it will be worth every ounce of sweat as you ride up the railway under a canopy of trees -,the place is beautiful so keep going.

5. London to Brighton

This 98 km trail is so beautiful the people of London run a charity on it. Only opt for it if you have the stamina because cycling its entire distance is not easy, and its terrain doesn?t make it any bearable. The first half is smooth, but just when you begin to tire is when the ground throws rocky curveballs your way.

You can, however, take a break on the beautiful sandy beaches of Brighton?s Madeira drive to enjoy their famous street foods. After all, you did not burn all those calories for no reason.

6. The parkland walk to Highgate cemetery

This route is the road from Finsbury Park through to Alexander palace. The 4.5 km route is best suited for people who want to practice riding on the road but without the pressure, as the road has less traffic; yet it is still extensive to give you ample space.

Ensure you catch a glimpse of the famous spriggan sculpture that was a fairy in the olden days. Just when the cycling trail comes to an end; it will bless you with the beautiful views of??Highgate cemetery, where the legendary Karl Max was laid to rest.


Cycling is the best full-body exercises, yet you do not have to pay a hefty gym subscription to enjoy. Grab your bike and try out one of the above trails to make cycling in London a dream come true. All you need to carry is your adventurous spirit and your bike. You should always use designated trails if you want to enjoy your ride to the fullest, we all know how busy London streets can get, and that?s the last situation you need.

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