Can You Cycle When Pregnant? Is It Safe To Ride?

With pregnancy comes joy and celebration but, most importantly, preparation. This is especially hard for young moms who do not know what to do to carry the baby to term, what to eat or how to protect their pregnancy to ensure the child is born healthy. One of the biggest challenges is usually to find a suitable exercising regime, as all pregnant women must have a routine. It becomes even more challenging to settle on one which works if you did not exercise before the pregnancy happened.

If at all, you finally settle on cycling, the question many ask is whether the pregnancy will be affected. This article covers several opinions from specialists and mothers who were faced with the same predicament. There is no final decision made on the matter as it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Is it safe?

Organizations like NCT and NHS believe pregnant women should avoid cycling at all cost because;

  • The risk of falling is very high as their center of gravity is distorted.
  • Their limbs are not as strong as before because of pregnancy hormones; hence, they will tire quickly and maybe get an extra extension injury.
  • If you subject your baby to strenuous activity, they will be stressed, thus hindering proper development.

The above reasons are fewer compared to the benefits, but they should not be ignored as a? life is on the line. After seeking professional advice and finally coming to the conclusion that they will not affect your pregnancy, ?conduct substantial research on the ways to go about it, for there is little room for error.

The benefits of cycling when pregnant are more or less the same as the benefits of normal cycling people. They include:

  • Helps in weight loss

Pregnant women eat more than they usually would. Since your metabolism rate does not increase, you will be left with a lot of excess fat resulting in weight gain. Instead of postponing the problem to the end of your pregnancy, cycling helps in constsntly shedding the fat.

  • It helps strengthen your pelvic muscles.

Cycling ensures your pelvic girdle is strong enough to push your baby out during labor. If the pelvic is not strong enough , you will have to undergo surgery, and we do not want that.

  • Stress reliever

If you enjoy your cycling time, you will find it is a very effective stress reliever. Your hormones will be all over the place on your first trimester, and this will help you not lash out at innocent people.

Safety tips to follow when cycling pregnant

Many pregnant people have done it before, so you are wndering? why not do it too. There are several things you need to consider because we are all different and react to internal and external environmental factors differently. Below are a few of the main tactics to follow to enusre your on the top of your game.

Your doctor will conduct tests to establish your health level and ability to sustain the exercise. People with obstetrics tend to have a lower tolerance to intense workouts. If your doctor hints you might be unsafe, it?s good to heed their advice to prevent a miscarriage.

  • Listen to your body.

Naturally, your body will communicate to you the after-effects of what you put it through. Your body will probably notify you if the cycling is too much and thus allowing you to reduce or drop the activity altogether.

  • Notify your instructor.

If you have a cycling instructor or you have joined a class, you need to inform the instructor of the pregnancy before you start working with them. This will prevent them from overworking you or giving you dangerous tasks which might put you at risk.

  • Get yourself proper gear.

The gear you wear when cycling should fit you perfectly in the right places and offer you breathing space in other places. Mostly because you will be bent most of the time, and we do not want you to squash your baby or end up with lower back pains.

  • Customize your bike

If the bike you use is from five years ago, logic states it will not be able to accommodate you and your bump as comfortably as it previously did. The more your bump grows; you should adjust the bike parts to fit .Try lifting the handlebars so your back will stay straight, then take the saddle lower to make you more stable.

  • Pack food and water.

Due to the fact that you are now eating for two, the body needs more nutrition hence why you get hungry more often. When you are on your biking endeavors, ensure you have enough food and water to last you the entire trip. If not, the exercise will get uncomfortable, making it less effective.

  • Purchase an indoor bike

When on your third trimester, your center of gravity is the most distorted, and your body is lethargic. It will be very convenient if you bought a spin bike and trade your outdoor one for future endeavors.


Pregnancy is technical in its own nature but very beautiful regardless. If you use the above tips, be sure you will carry your bundle to term and deliver them without hitches. Everyone has different experiences with their pregnant cycling, so do not lose hope because as much as it seems controversial, it has worked for thousands of women. So to answer your question, cycling while pregnant is safe, but like any other exercise, it has its demerits.

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